Bounded by Hollywood Blvd to the north, Vista Street to the east, Sunset Blvd to the south and Fairfax to the west, the Sunset Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) contains 348 parcels.  It is comprised of single and multi-family residences constructed primarily in the first half of the 20th century with most of the construction occurring between 1910 and 1930.  The dominant architectural styles are Craftsman, Spanish Colonial Revival, and American Colonial Revival; other styles include: Tudor Revival, Mediterranean Revival, French Revival, and Minimal Traditional. The Sunset Square HPOZ was adopted by City Council in 2017.


In an HPOZ, any work that involves the exterior of a property, including both the building and the site, is required to be reviewed—even though the work may not require other approvals such as a building permit. The Historic Preservation Overlay Zone has different review processes for different types of projects within the HPOZ.  Please contact our HPOZ City Planner (contact info below) before beginning any work.

By clicking the link below, you will find the Los Angeles City Planning Sunset Square HPOZ page, which includes the Preservation Plan and the Survey with Individual Property Findings (whether your home is a Contributor, Altered Contributor or Non-Contributor).

Office of Historic Resources: Sunset Square



The Sunset Spaulding HPOZ Board, comprised of local stakeholders with expertise in building, architecture, preservation and real estate, meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6 pm, though meetings are canceled if there are no business items to discuss. Meetings take place at the Will & Ariel Durant Los Angeles Public Library, at 7140 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046.


Three HPOZ Board Members are Sunset Square residents: Jonathan Cowan (Sierra Bonita), Amy Aquino (Curson) and Wendy Kneedler (Ogden).  Sarah Lann is also a Sunset Square representative who works for the Los Angeles Conservancy.  Please reach out to any of these individuals via the HPOZ City Planner with questions or to make them aware of potential work being done without approval. They will reach out neighbor to neighbor to make sure the process is understood as we continue our education/communication efforts.

History of our community & spotlight of one of our homes

Many of our homes have interesting histories. If you would like to share what you know with the community, please submit your information by clicking here so we can post it.

The Henry O. Bollman Residence on Ogden Dirve was designed by Lloyd Wright in 1922. Built for a contractor who worked with Wright, the Hollywood house is the earliest example of the architect’s use of the “knit-block” construction system subsequently employed for his father Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard, Freeman, Ennis, and Storer residences.



Please see the helpful links below.

ZIMAS stands for Zone Information and Map Access System (Department of City Planning: Los Angeles, CA).

The Hollywood Community Plan Update (HCPU2) sets the stage for the future of Hollywood. HCPU2 directs anticipated development to already urbanized areas of the Community Plan Area, identifying suitable areas for new development while preserving existing low-scale neighborhoods.

The Hollywood Community Plan Update includes these main components:
A revision of the goals, policies, and in the Community Plan text.
Revisions to the Community Plan Land Use Map.
An update to the zoning in certain areas of the Plan to implement the plan’s goals and policies.
An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to assess potentially significant impacts to the environment. MAIL US


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