Free Street Trees

Would you like to request a free tree for your street in the City of Los Angeles?

The benefits of trees stretch beyond their beauty: combat climate change, clean the air and provide oxygen, conserve water and energy, help cool the streets, provide wildlife habitat, add value to properties, and much more.

How to request a free tree in front of your home on your street’s parkway:
Follow the link below, fill out a brief form, and see if your street qualifies for a free tree. There are many steps involved in the process and tree planting may take 3-6 months, so request your tree today.

If you are approved, PLEASE NOTE the following:
– The City of Los Angeles manages municipal street trees and will have to approve the tree species and its exact placement. An inspector will select a tree species that is appropriate for the space, also taking existing trees and their roots and sidewalks into consideration. No palm trees will be planted through this program. If infrastructure permits, locations with large parkways may receive multiple trees.
– A tree will be planted in front of your residence/property in the public parkway between the sidewalk and the street. The City will not cut through concrete to plant a tree.
– You commit to water and care for the tree during its initial growth period (estimated at 5 years from planting).
– You will follow the care guidelines of the “Newly Planted Tree” information sheet that will be provided after the tree is planted.
– You must be a current resident in the city of LA with valid ID and proof of residence.
– If you are a renter and would like a street tree in front of the home you’re renting, please request written permission from the property’s owner or manager.

You can learn more and submit a request for a free street tree at
Or, call us (213)485-3954